Blue Jean Baby

Came home exhausted after a day of studying and decided to shoot. Sometimes simple is best- i feel like i’m always dressing up for posts and it’s nice to dress down for a bit. It’s really cold here in HK right now- for our climate anyway, one that usually dwindles between 28 and 33 degrees and i miss being able to go out in jeans and a tee. I’ve always had perfect eyesight but loved glasses- i’ve developed a chronic envy of my sister, who has really groovy glasses (thanks to being pretty darn blind). I know it’s stupid but they are such fun accessories and i wish i had a (real) excuse to wear them outside of shoots without feeling weird about it. Now i’m going to kick back with some TV and ice cream (i’d opt for a warmer option but hey). Good night!

Btw,  the winners of my asos giveaway are Hannah and Kimi! Congrats and you should be contacted by asos very soon :)

Wearing American Apparel jeans and glasses.

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