above, left to right: japanese AQUAIR conditioner, Nature’s Gate organic shampoo, Bliss soap bar, Honey Miel body wash, St. Ives face scrub.

above, left to right: AVEDA smooth infusion hair serum, Kiehls yerba mate tea gel-cream, bliss body butter, japanese skin conditioner (toner, applied with cotton pad), kiehls yerba mate tea cleanser.

[pretty much the only makeup i ever use] above, left to right: Too Faced romantic eye palette (a gift), shu uemura eyelash curler, cyber color eyeliner, stila lip stain and Bare Escentuals BUXOM mascara (both from NYC), mac concealer, shu uemura sunblock spf 30.


Since you guys really wanted to see my everyday products etc., i decided to put it all into a post; a kinda ‘what’s in my shower’ meets ‘beauty products’.

In terms of the shower and face wash stuff, I’ve been using this stuff for a while so i guess it does the job. Most of the products were purchased by my mom, so i’m not really fussy with what formulas and brands i use, as long as i feel clean. I use the AVEDA hair serum when i need to tame my ends, and the toner just gives me the nice ‘squeeky clean’ feeling since i keep it in the fridge (it feels so nice!)

The makeup in the last two photos is pretty much all of the makeup i own, other than a few bits my mom gave to me that i keep in my bag for halloween, etc. To be honest, the only things in the photos that i actually use when going to school and on an everyday basis are the mac concealer (for blemishes and dark circles), the eyelash curler (without mascara) and the sunblock (since my mom always tells me to use it). The other items are purely for fun, though i do use mascara and the lipstain for  special occasions, the only color on the eye shadow palette i’ve ever used is ‘soulmates’ (top row, left).  The palette also has these cool cards that slide out and show you how to use the colors, super convenient, though when ever anyone has ever attempted to put eye shadow on me anywhere other than my inner corners (where i would usually put the ‘soulmates’ color), i end up looking like i have a black eye (hehe). And my eyebrows pretty much have minds of their own, so i try not to bother them and let them live in peace (no gel, powder, trimming etc. ) Overall, i think i’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to this stuff.

hope you guys had a great weekend! i’m gonna post my ‘what’s in my bag’ post soon, so stay tuned!

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15 thoughts on “BEAUTY ROUTINE//

  1. i think that it's really cool that you take care of your skin instead of covering your face with tons of makeup, keep up the good work and greetings from Poland:)

  2. i've been using St. Ives apricot scrub as well. it's really good. wanna try kiehl's products too. seems really nice.

    xx thechicswag

  3. You're lucky, you have a beautiful skin. but i've acne and i can't go out without makeup :(:(

    sorry gotta remain anon due to embarrassment (for me because i comment too much)

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