Beautiful Mess

Photos from various tumblrs. 

It’s September- to me this means saying goodbye to: the smell of sunblock, finding grains of sand in my overalls from July, bare and mosquito-bitten legs, eating watermelon just like that, orange and pink sunsets from the roof with ice cream bars and the occasional monsoonal rains. 
Hello to: hair tucked into chunky turtleneck sweaters and scarves that shed everywhere, a new and necessary supply of lipbalm, the fleece onesie you know you’re never going to wash, watching the Parent Trap in bed with hot chocolate, beanie hair, taking the subway more often because its warmer, hot pot and spicy instant noodles, the smell of christmas trees, wooly winter socks, trusty electric blankets and extra blankets, shorter days, wearing your hoodie under everything, and finally a considerably larger intake of food (warmth is very important). 
Kind of climbing the ladder to a Proustian level of use of run-on sentences, but got anything to add?
and yes, i’m looking forward to winter- the countdown to christmas (a.k.a. getting uni apps over and done with) begins now. An inspiration post was justified considering how much i hate not being in New York right now (therefore i spend more time procrastinating, and hence tumblr)

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