wearing: jeans c/o Motel Rocks, sweater from H&M (old), shoes c/o choies, belt from H&M

I’m pretty obsessed with this jeans+boots combo, the stripes are so flattering and they were on my lust list for the longest time, so i was pretty ecstatic when Motel decided to gift me a pair (with some other cute stuff i’ll show you soon). The shoes fit me so well and are decidedly the only pair of footwear i own that actually make my feet look smaller (one less blogger-related problem to worry about, hey?). Also, i was stupid enough to forget my tripod mount for my camera after walking for 10 minutes to these stairs (plus a surplus of 2 minutes of self-pity induced groaning) so i spent most of the shoot praying my camera wouldn’t topple off the tripod. Yeah, it gave me quite an adrenaline rush living on the edge of danger like that. 
P.S. I’ve developed a weird purply bruise next to my right eyebrow, courtesy of ikea bookshelf. Good job, zoe. 
P.P.S. my thoughts go out to everyone affected by Sandy…hang in there! 

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