The weather’s been really gloomy and wet this week so taking these photos in the rain wasn’t one of the most enjoyable experiences. But then again shooting with a tripod is overall frustrating as you always end up with blurryness and agitation (making me appreciate my ‘human tripods’ all the more.) Anyway, it’s finally cold so i can’t wait for it to be dry and chilly so i can bust out my long awaited (albeit rusty) layering skills- right now this marriage of wet and cold is pretty despicable and hoodie-inducing. Anyway i’m looking forward to wearing tights, knits, beanies and everything else that personifies winter (it even makes the cold toilet seats worth it.) 

29 thoughts on “BACKFIRE

  1. I know how you feel about shooting with the tripod. YES TO HUMAN TRIPODS LOL. Anyway, really loving the colours of your jumper and skirt! So pretty hehe. I'm also really excited to go to Hong Kong on the 19th because of the cold weather! Weee <3 I do hope I get to meet you and hang out with you. That would be really fun! :) x

  2. Beautiful outfit, you look so pretty, Zoe! I hope the weather brightens up soon. I wish I could experience the cool Hong Kong weather, but alas, I live near the equator ha ha. :]

  3. love the whole outfit so much! and yes those tripod feels. no. urgh. can't wait to see layers in the next post! xx

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