It’s Mother’s day, so i decided it was fitting to show you a few old photos of my mother and I. My mom was (and still is) so beautiful huh? I love looking at her old photos, she was such a babe! Anyway, i hope you guys have a great day with your mothers and spoil them for all the hard work they’ve done for us. I’m going to go to a yoga class with my mum, have lunch with my grandma (when i’ll give her some banana muffins i baked for her yesterday) and then watch the Avengers (my second time) with my mum and have a nice sushi dinner together ( : 
Have a nice day!

16 thoughts on “BACK IN THE DAY//

  1. i wondered if it's you on the first photo!
    you look like your mother! and bot of you are pretty
    in my country mother's day is ont 26th may so 2 more weeks ;3

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