Lace dress tailored, shoes from nastygal. photos by my sister.

Hey guys!
I’m in Bangkok right now. we arrived last night and i love it already! even though we had to spend 3 hours in traffic (!!) yesterday when taking a taxi to the hotel, we ended up shopping a bit after a nice dinner and it’s been so much fun already! If any of you live in bangkok and have recommendations for food and shopping, leave a comment! :)
i took these photos on thursday with silky, which most of you will remember :) I actually got the dress tailored by drawing out the design i wanted and giving it to a woman to help me make it, because i couldn’t find an affordable dress like it online. It turned out totally different, in a more babydoll shape, but i still like it and decided to show you guys! I’m practically living in these shoes right now…they are so comfy.

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