wearing: top and backpack c/o American Apparel, jeans from MarketHQ, choies boots, cap from Steph, cheesy pose c/o inner 5 year old. Photos by Steph

Two more shots Steph took of me when we went to the arcade. Kind of overdosed on shooting things and losing at Mariokart plus finally winning one of those clamp machine toys equals a very smiley Zoe and a very generous Steph for letting me keep it. School is starting in a bit (despite my constant denial and self-comforting via. baked goods and gummies) and i wish i could just rewind back to my week in Tokyo so i could experience summer 2013 all over again- typhoons and back sweat included. So strange knowing that exactly a year from now, i’ll be packing my things for university! Exciting things ahead.


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