wearing: top from graniph, skirt from asos, heels and jacket c/o beginning boutique, lipstick c/o limecrime, bag from my mum, sunnies from urban outfitters

I’ve fallen back into the black hole that is galaxy prints (pun intended). But jokes aside, the absence of school uniform this year has really pushed me to dig the oldies out of my closet, hence the tee that i deemed ‘all the rage’ when galaxy prints were making their first appearances on the internet. On another note, prior to shooting these photos i spent half an hour searching for my favorite bug-eyes (a.k.a asos sunglasses) but sadly they’ve found a safe hiding place amidst the junk in my room (approximately). Thus, i’ve decided tha I really have to start organizing my stuff before exam period rolls in and i turn into an acne-covered agraphobic IB student. First world problems aside, i’ve realized this post is ridden with negativity and will now go eat some food- my cure for everything. 
Have a great night everyone!

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