i’m wearing: jacket c/o Sugarlips apparel, top from Alexander Wang c/o Shopbop (here), jeans c/o MarketHQ (here), belt from H&M, shoes c/o Choies (here). Photos by Me, Yan and Joel. 

Usually meeting up with people is kind of awkward for me (let’s talk some misanthropic smack now), especially if we’ve only interacted through the internet. But hanging out with Yan (her blog: Parfasseux) (and her boyfriend Joel) was so much fun, we just clicked and even wore similar outfits by accident (providing yet another opportunity for me to tell myself i’m secretly psychic.) Other than being a really crappy tour guide and third-wheel (I’ve now decided i might have a promising career in wedding photography), we wandered through scaffolded alleys, almost stole a notebook by accident, creeped on unsuspecting pedestrians, ate too much salad and pondered on the probability of bumping into Rumi Neely. It’s not everyday that you meet someone for the first time and can already have those moments of ab-strengthening hysterical laughter within the first 10 minutes. It was honestly so much fun and i can’t wait to see her again! Oh and i know we make really good japanese photo-booth hearts- the symmetry is astounding.
 If you’d like to see more of our day, here’s a video! (warning: contains a lot of skipping and couple footage that made me feel like a lonely potato whilst editing it in the best way possible)
Hope you enjoyed,

28 thoughts on “A DAY WITH YAN

  1. The pictures and the video are awesome!
    Two of my favourite bloggers together hahaha :D


  2. Yes, it's really rare to click with someone you've only talked trough internet and not be an awkward turtle. I'm really happy for you! ^^

    Have a great start in the week,

  3. The cuteness!!
    Seriously, why must you two be so adorable??
    I can't even begin to express the amount of love I have for these photos. AHHHHHH dying a little right now!

    Okay, okay, I think I've calmed down enough to somewhat coherently express my thoughts on these photos.
    Or maybe not.
    Just the fact that you two are matching accidentally slays me.
    Then there's the facts that you two are both qt pies, Joel and Yan make the sweetest couple, and hello, it's Hong Kong. So basically, the equation for awesomeness has been utterly transgressed.
    Put simply, these photos are absolute gems and the happiness really comes through.
    Lucky you guys for being such good accidental twins and having such a strong connection in person.
    Glad to see that you guys enjoyed each other's company :)


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