wearing: American Apparel chiffon button up, MarketHQ jeans, Choies boots, American Apparel back pack. Photos by me and Steph. 

The other day i spent a day hanging out with Stephanie from High Stitched Voice. She is such a sweet and endearing person, and it’s hard to believe we’ve never physically met before this, though we’ve been interacting online since the early days of this blog. We had a bit too much fun looking at stationary and magazines whilst overdosing on bubble tea, taking japanese photobooth strips and annoying gamers at the arcade whilst losing at Mariokart (well that was me). We took a lot more photos (and some video clips) but i’ll show you guys later! 

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43 thoughts on “A DAY WITH STEPH

  1. these pictures are so lovely and thats so cute omg i wish i had an online friend hahaha, someone speak to me! :)))


  2. Hi Zoe! I hope you're doing well! I just want to mention that I love your photos and you've inspired me to explore the world of photography deeper. Quick question: what is the camera you have in this blog post (the one with one and the camera)? I'm looking for a film and new camera. If you have any recommendations I would like to know. Thank you!



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