’96 + Viparo giveaway

wearing: customized leather bomber jacket c/o Viparo,  Cheap monday jeans, top c/o Market HQ, backpack c/o Grafea, nike sneakers. Photos by Alisha. 

Like all last-minute shoots i’ve done this outfit pushes further any pre-disposed notions of casual dressing. Threw on everything practical slash comfortable and decided i liked it. Creating content for a blog often leads to me fabricating overly intricate outfits i wouldn’t necessarily wear on a daily basis, so i wanted to give you guys a glimpse into my quintessential fall outfit (though i try really hard to not wear black and white everyday, i really do). Still waiting on the disintegration of these sneakers but i’m willing to wear them everyday until they do. I’m still in awe of the custom leather jacket the guys at Viparo helped me make- it fits like a glove and feels pretty special. And I could go on about the versatility of a leather jacket *yawn* but what’s the fun in that unless you guys could actually win one? 

So, here’s your chance to win any Viparo leather jacket from the site. All you have to do is click here and enter! Thanks to Viparo for this giveaway and my lovely jacket :) 
Good luck. 

46 thoughts on “’96 + Viparo giveaway

  1. I love how you edit your photos Zoe. They look like professional quality disposables which is a great effect. That backpack is amazing as well. It is unusual to find a leather backpack in any colour other than black or white.


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