5 Recent Outfits

This is an accumulation of five outfits i’ve worn in the past months, eagerly showcasing my laziness and also an innate inability to wear any colours outside of white, black and blue. I’m in London and already in love…needless to say i’ve already taken my fair share of photos and can’t wait to share them, but in doing so wanted to post all of the photos below so as to a) give a quick insight into how i dress IRL and not just for shoots, and b) concentrate my blog post queue into a single post so i can begin posting London photos! Win win, no? 
Top from The Fifth, Choker from Pylo, jeans from Missguided, watch from DW. Photos by Bryant.
Top from Pylo, backpack from Karastore, photos by Bryant. 
Top and Skirt (on sale!) from Finders Keepers, photos by Bryant.
Top and pants from Monki, shoes from Sambag, bag from Karastore, photos by Bryant.

Sunglasses from Seneca, top from AA, pants from Monki, photos by Cheryl. 


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