A few months ago I tried to explain what ‘swagger’ meant to my dad and settled with an awkward compromise between ‘style’ and ‘attitude’ that does nothing to explain the full weight the word has come to carry (mostly owing to Bieber). If asked about whether I possess this mysterious aura of confidence slash baggy clothed bad-assery I would probably defect all responsibility- I am nowhere cool enough for that kind of vocabulary. But then again, the word can be totally subjective, and to me it can be a lot more about wearing what you want and being comfortable in it. The obvious conclusion one arrives at when trying to figure out my every day outfit thought-process is very simple- lots of black. When Coach asked me to customise their new ‘Swagger’ bag I decided to continue the tangent and keep it as simple as possible whilst being undeniably classic…hence, the black paint. It has become an every day staple for me, being the obvious choice to tote my school books and laptop around in- this outfit was actually shot post-public law tutorial, so I kid you not. So i guess my scatter-brained conclusion (I’ve only had one coffee today, guys) is that I do not possess swagger, but this bag (in its classic simplicity) will probably be the closest I get to feeling like I do. 
Wearing: & other stories cardigan, All Saints jumper, Monki pants, Sambag boots, Coach ‘Swagger’ bag
All photos by Bryant Lee

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