The Joan

Appropriately posting this after my last exam…this is my mood right now. I’ve been moving around and staying with friends for the past week or so and living out of a suitcase, hence the weird weather confused outfit. London also doesn’t seem to want to catch up to the rest the world in terms of weather (its june!!!!) so I’m happy to go home and sweat my post-exam endorphins out / hug my dog etc. Also this is my new favourite slightly awkward denim silhouette…kudos to Revolve for helping out with exam stress via retail therapy and their new denim line, GRLFRND.

Hope all your finals went well and happy holidays; to those of you planning a trip to somewhere click through here if you fancy booking an airbnb with a little discount…already planning a few trips of my own this summer.

Photos by Sommy and Natalie. 
Wearing a C/MEO top, GRLFRND jeans, KARA bag and Axel Arigato sneakers.

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