This has probably been one of my most requested posts; to introduce the 2nd hand store where i got my sweaters (here and here). That’s why i decided to bring my camera along when i went to the shop last weekend with my family. This shop is probably one of the only second hand stores in HK i know (if you anymore, send me a message!) and it is the best place for oversized sweaters (like the stars and stripes one i bought) and coats, for a good price. It can be a hit and miss, but it’s filled with stuff so i’m sure you can find something for yourself, even if it’s a men’s shirt you’re gonna cut the collar off or something. The shop looks like the photo, and it’s situated on Granville Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, which is a pretty busy street so it shouldn’t be hard to find. i ended up buying the stars and stripes sweater, so excited to post an outfit featuring it!

Then, i decided to snap some pictures of a little arcade which i get a lot of my stuff (even though i didn’t get anything this time). It’s around the corner from the second hand shop (wander around the area and you’re sure to find it around some outlet and ramen shops). It’s filled with loads of tiny stores which have great, unique pieces (despite the fact that it looks pretty empty in my photos, it was quite crowded when i went.)

There are also tons of korean restaurants nearby, where i visited after shopping for a nice korean grill dinner (my favorite!). 

Hope you guys like this “shop with me” style post. I know a few of you have waited for a long time, so i apologize! Anyway, this is usually where i get my clothes from (excluding places like H&M and ZARA), so you all should check it out!

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