wearing: minkpink crop top, american apparel shorts

So…I’m 17 today! Feels so weird commencing the last year of my official childhood- one more (school year) until university, and one more year until i’m an ‘adult’. At least now i have a semi-valid excuse to be as weird and immature as i want for 365 days. This has been such a great year and i have you guys to thank for a lot of that; thank you for being so supportive and lovely! You know you’ve got it all when you can’t think of anything you’d like as a present (except maybe…more candy). 
I’ve always been cynical towards birthdays growing up (occasionally bursting into tears realizing that life is fleeting, y’know?) but having experienced so much this year, i’m more comfortable (at least a tiny bit) with admitting i’m not still 8 years old. Today is going to be spent with a lot of food and friends, have an amazing day! 
Oh, and the winner of my motel rocks giveaway is Lynn Nguyen! You will receive an email from motel rocks shortly, congrats :) and I’m posting my tokyo photo/video diary next, stay tuned! 

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