♡ x4

1. skull decor- saw some amazing coin banks at urban in London but had no idea how i would get one back to hong kong without sacrificing serious luggage space/risking breakage. 
2. pastel hair- Looks so amazing on some people but I don’t have the right hair color/face for it in my opinion, so i guess i can just be jelly of the lucky ducks who can manage to pull it off. (photo 1, 2, 3)
3. strappy block heels- It’s probably a bad thing that i’m liking the sockxshoe thing, but it looks so nice in pictures that i might just risk looking like a third grader. And i am seriously lusting after those JC Sabines…..ahhh. 
4. Dog gifs- no explanation needed. 
A summary of things that make the world a better place. 


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