1. interiors too perfect; i would never be able to keep my room this clean, but that fact makes these pictures all the more attractive! I’m especially jealous of the bookshelf in the third picture (my books are not happy at the moment with their living conditions).
2. metallic denim; ordered myself a pair of gold jeans today off sheinside and can’t wait to wear ’em with a nice tank top and sandals.
Today i went to Disneyland (video+pictures later) and then met up with Bryant (my new fashion bff) for an abercrombie ‘event’ that actually turned out to be a passer-by photo-op kinda thing, but it was still fun. Good night guys!

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  1. Those interiors are absolutely stunning!
    I always wish that I could actually have a room that white and minimalistic. Too bad I can never keep my room that clean either! Otherwise, it would be all white everything, lots of books, and just simplicity :)

    Ahhh those metallic bottoms are too awesome.
    I actually remember seeing those silver shorts on your tumblr a while back…I really wanted to reblog that picture!
    Metallic jeans (and metallic pieces in general) are on my wishlist. Hopefully I'll be able to get a shining piece of awesomeness sometime soon :)

    Have an awesome weekend!

    The Ace of Hearts

  2. The staircase in the third photograph is so amazing– I love how it doubles as bookshelves and that it seems so open! Thanks for sharing these lovely inspirations and photographs xx

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